Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Natalie Jensen McGarry

Today Natalie turned 26 years old! She is an incredible woman and here are 10 reasons why I admire her and think of her as my best friend...

1. She is one of the greatest role models of motherhood. She has 2 children (Landon and Easton) that adore her and are the luckiest to have her as a mother.  She is always thinking of fun things to do with her children that cost virtually nothing! She is a great inspiration of fun things that can be done on a budget. 

This is an invitation to Landon's birthday last month that she made
The birthday party looked like so much fun! 

Natalie taking Landon to the public pool on a hot day!

2. Natalie is talented in anything she does! I do mean to brag in that I have an exceptionally talent sister! She took only a couple years of sewing and she can now make the cutest things! Every year she designs and makes all of her little families HaLlOwEeN costumes. She has a gorgeous voice! She has made a vocal CD that is now sold in stores... but nothing is more beautiful and sweet than hearing Natalie sing songs to her boys before bed!

This is Landon's costume from last year! 
"Landon, what does a lion say?"

3. Natalie is incredibly in tune with the spirit! She looks for ways to better herself and raise her family in righteousness and humility. Natalie knows what is important in life... Family, Temple, Church, Visiting teaching, Kindness, Love, Prayer, Scripture study, etc. and she exemplifies these traits in her everyday life. It is adorable when I Skype with Landon and he sings songs to me that he learned in last nights Family-Home-Evening... "when my mother calls me, quickly I obey..."  When you walk into the McGarry home, it is filled to the brim with the spirit.  Her home is warm, loving and you always know the Lord comes first there.

She LOVES her boys!

4. Natalie is a great wife and support to her husband Dave.  Dave is in Medical school and Natalie is continually finding ways to make Dave's work load light.  With Dave's school work, church callings, family time, Natalie is the anchor that holds her family together!

The family supporting Dad at his White Coat Ceremony!

5. Natalie is fun to be around!! The Hill family gets to see her about once a year when she journeys from Missouri.  We all come from far and wide to see her.  She is coming home this July and I will not be missing that for anything! A month and a half until then...not like I am counting down the days or anything :)  We always stay up late... yes all 4 girls including mom, talking girl talk and watching chick flicks... especially our beloved yearly dose of "Pride and Prejudice".  Natalie is good at dressing up any holiday!  One year we went down to visit her and she made us a Canadian Thanksgiving meal! Yummm! She even celebrates the 1st of July (Canada day) down in the states. 

Celebrating Canada Day!

6. Natalie is an incredible teacher both when she was teaching in the schools, and at home.  I am amazed to see how much Landon knows at such a young age.  He tells me sounds of letters that his mom teaches him, he knows every colour, number, letter, shape, animal sound, insect etc. you can think of.  Most of all she is a great example of how I want to teach my future children. She teaches with love, laughs and giggles!  She is constantly encouraging Landon to be creative and be a good friend to all.

The other day when I was skyping Landon and Natalie,
he picked up a ruler, looked through it and was telling me that
I was yellow... that EvErYtHiNg was yellow! It was so adorable! 
He even held the ruler up to the camera and said
"Aunt Pretty.. see it's eye-oh (yellow)"

Her creativity enables her children to love to learn just like herself.  Natalie has a creative mind and can even make a fridge box the most amazing rocket ship you have ever been on... just ask Landon.
Landon on his bike with Grandpa Hill

7. Natalie has a zest for life!  She is game for anything family related. She enjoys the cabin, boating, tubing, skiing,family reunions, quading, swimming etc. The only thing Natalie doesn't like doing is camping in the outdoors, but there is always a compromise for that...

Camping on the living room floor! 
I love her crazy ideas!

8. Natalie is selfless.  She always thinks of others before herself.  She reaches out to those who need her and is in tune with the spirit enough to know when someone is in need of her love. Her family comes first, AlWaYs!

My wedding was complete with my whole family there 
to support Jason and I

9. Natalie is my go-to girl! She is there to lend a listening ear and has never not had time for me.  She can sense when I need her and always seems to call when I need it the most...I even appreciate those early calls in the morning (believe it or not) when I get to wake up to Landon and Natalie! It always seems to make my day that much brighter.

10. Most importantly, Natalie is the greatest sister and best friend I could have ever asked for. I don't know what I did to deserve a sister like Natalie. I am sad that she lives so far away from me. But she always makes it better when we are together with fun, laughs and adventure. 

My best friends!

Natalie, I know that we chose to be on this earth together and I am grateful for your example and strength every day of my life. I love you!
Love, Brittany