Monday, 27 August 2012

34 Weeks!

34 Weeks!!

Holy Moley! This summer just flew on by! It is so bitter sweet. I am excited to be going home, but Edmonton has been so good to us and we are going to miss it!
This week is going to be so busy. We leave Friday and I have lots of packing and cleaning to do before then. Jason's sister is also moving into her new house this week so we will be helping out with that as well.  We are thrilled for them! 
I did happen to finish my baby's blanket though! I'll post pictures when I have more time! lol I am also half way through my baby wrap...I need to find some cute wooden buttons! After I get back from the cabin, I'll post all the crafting I've been doing!

I feel pretty good at 34 weeks. 
-My skin feels like it is stretching... ok, obviously it is stretching, but it feels weird and sometimes itchy!
-My vision is a little more blurred, but my doctor said that is to be expected with the hormones and fluid.
-I feel like my balance is off... more than usual.

-Sleeping is getting more difficult with my legs and wrists being so achy and restless?! Wintergreen oil, and Jason's AMAZING foot rubs every night (yep, Jason is pretty much the best) take care of it pretty well!
-Jason and I are pretty sure on our baby girls name!
-Our little girl kicks and moves like crazy!!! Jason is better able to feel her movements now. She loves her daddy and moves tons more when Jason is around. She especially moves when Jason talks to her through my stomach... Adorable!

Monday, 20 August 2012

33 Weeks!

33 Weeks!

I have been feeling fantastic lately (pregnancy wise).
 -Some days I feel like my belly grows overnight, and other days I feel like it shrinks. lol I don't know if any other mom's out there felt that way during pregnancy... just depends on the day for me. Perhaps it's her position that day in my uterus that has my belly fluctuate so much.

I took this picture yesterday and was feeling EXTRA huge! Today I feel like she must have moved positions and my stomach looks much smaller...weird.

-Had a little bloating in my feet and ankles (but nothing that a little foot massage from Jason can't fix) -He has been amazing this whole pregnancy. I get spoiled every day! He works all day and comes home to take care of me. When we went to the water park today, he carried my tube up the stairs every ride and was so attentive to anything I needed.
-Other than that, same little symptoms like achy joints and pains in my lower abs.  

This week has been amazing! I had so much fun with the wives here everyday soaking up the Edmonton rays! 
Jason and I also went to my aunt and uncles yesterday for Sunday dinner. So many of my cousins, aunts and uncles were there that it felt like a mini family reunion. It was amazing to catch up with all of them and the food was to die for!
My cousin Joe got married on Saturday to his lovely new wife Amy! I am so happy for the both of them!
I am shocked that there is only 2 weeks left in the summer!!! We are packing up and heading home next Saturday. Edmonton has been great to us and I am really going to miss the summer life with the wives. This has been such a great summer, but I am getting a little trunky.  lol for a couple reasons... Once we get back home, we are off to Echo Lake for a week! I LOVE Echo, and can't wait to share it with Jason.  Then we have a nursery to decorate. My parents brought up my Amazon purchases to our home on the weekend and I cant wait to open everything up and put it together!
Today Jason and I went to West Edmonton Mall Water Park with some of the other couples in our Vivint office. It was nice to get out and have some time not working (at least for Jason). What a great way to start off the week! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

32 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

Oh my heck... I was sooo sick last week!  I am still trying to shake it off, but I am doing MUCH better.
Nothing too fun to talk about from last week as I was pretty much in bed the whole time. lol

ps. I have been sick, no judging this week on how I look. lol

I did however have a doctors appointment, and with being sick lost a couple pounds. I was surprised because usually, I gain a couple, prepping myself for the gain every time I step on the scale lol (which is slightly depressing when one exercises 6 times a week...but understandable being pregnant and all!)

Still same symptoms as last week:
A little heart burn
Sore ribs... she is definitely creeping up into my ribs. OUCH!
Achy joints and lower ABS


Jason has been working early for the past two weeks and this coming week since he and his team are in the home stretch of the Vivint Cup! The guys work super long hours and it is trying on the body and mind. But Jason and his team are doing so good! Up for grabs in prizes are things like a Caribbean cruise, snow boards, etc. (I would be up for a cruise in a couple months!)
I have not seen much of Jason during CUP time since he leaves at 8am and is home around 11:30pm, but he does a great job of loving me and our baby when he comes home and in the morning :) The other night Jason and I were lying on the bed and he came over and started talking to my stomach, rubbing it and conversing to our little girl inside of me. He would talk to her and then press his head on my stomach to wait for a reply. Well he got it, a whopping round house kick to the head from the inside of my stomach! lol I guess our baby already knows how much of a tease her dad can be! On a daily basis I am in awe of how loving and caring Jason is. How did I get so lucky?!
Yesterday was LOVELY! Sunday's are like Christmas to us in the summer! We went for a picnic with some of the other couples on the team, and enjoyed EVERY moment we had together! We discussed our trip we are going to take to the cabin in September and all the fun new baby stuff heading our way(setting up the nursery, buying clothes, planning our daily schedules with a new addition etc.)
OOOO... and this week is SHARK WEEK on discovery channel! 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

9 weeks and counting!

31 Weeks!

I feel great! 

I am learning ways to fix certain symptoms I have been having.  
-My wrists and joints hurt at night some times. I have been putting a heating pad on my wrists at night and it seems to be making a difference.
-heartburn... hmm. I think I might have to try some TUMS. lol Last night Jason made a great Korean meal called Bokumbop. It was so delicious and I am uber proud of his  culinary skills, but oh. my. gosh. it was SOOOOO hot!!!  I think I had heartburn for 5 hours!! I told Jason he is going to have to make it again, but AFTER I have this baby. lol  
-At church, I do a lot of standing at the back.  Sitting now is so uncomfortable on my ribs, but I have been able to manage it will with frequent standing trips to the back of the room. lol.

This past week was very eventful! Jason has been starting work at 9 lately because of the Vivint Cup. I have made lots of outings to spray parks and pools with the other wives and LOVE being outside. 
While at the pool on Saturday, the wives and I spotted a VERY pregnant lady (most of us are pregnant so to spot other pregnant ladies is super easy. lol). She was sitting on the grass and got up, and all of the sudden SO MUCH FLUID was coming out of her. I thought she was peeing her pants, but nope, HER WATER BROKE! haha. Who would have thought I'd witness something like that! We all cheered her on as she left the pool. :)
On Sunday, Jason and I went to Tanner and Deedee's church for the blessing of their baby boy. We then went over to Tanners parents place for lunch. Love that family! After lunch we raced home to have the missionaries over for dinner. Jason and I also picked up our baby car seat that we bought off Kijiji. And if you thought our day was over, nope, I also cut Jason's curly locks!
 Can I say pooped!
I have also been working on crocheting a baby cocoon, but it's not really a cocoon... I don't really know what to call it, but it is cute! Mine is cream coloured.

The purple baby blanket is almost finished! I think I will do another 3 or 4 inches!! It has been a long time coming so I am glad it is almost completed.

Sorry for the long post, but there was just so much going on from last week.