Saturday, 13 December 2014

20 weeks with baby #2

Oh my gosh! 20 weeks. 
Where has the time gone?!

At 18 weeks, we found out I was carrying a BOY...a boy guys! Still weird to me. haha He was measuring exactly on track except for his legs and arms. They were measuring more than 2 weeks ahead. The ultrasound tech said he had little monkey arms. haha
I am officially 20 weeks today and it is crazy to me. I still forget that I am pregnant. With Autumn I could feel her move at 15 weeks like crazy, and felt something obstructing my bending and with this pregnancy, I have felt the baby move a total of once... and that was like 2 days ago and haven't felt it since. With both pregnancies I have had an anterior placenta so maybe this baby will be less active. lol

Stats so far:
-still down 6 pounds. With Autumn, I had gained 1 pound at 19 weeks.
-still down 2 inches in my waist. Had gained 1/2 an inch by this point with Autumn.
-Can still lay on my stomach.
-honestly forget Im pregnant. If I hadn't peed on a stick, I still would not know. I have weird pregnancies with no symptoms.
-not peeing a ton. Same as normal

-NO charlie horses or restless legs this pregnancy. I think its because I am taking magnesium before bed every night. Saving grace!

-By 18 weeks with Autumns pregnancy, I had the occasional elephantiasis. With this pregnancy  I have not experienced any swelling yet. This is something I am grateful for! haha.
-I have more energy this time around too. Maybe my body remembers being pregnant and adjusted easier this time around
-ALWAYS COLD! I think this is because it is winter time and last pregnancy at this time it was the middle of May. I LOVE being cold rather than hot! Definite perk of being with child in the winter!

I still can't believe I am having a boy! I totally was convinced it was another girl, but I am happy that this baby is healthy, and growing well.

I decided that with this pregnancy I would do baby fruit pictures instead of baby bump pictures. My app on my phone tells me what size my baby every week by comparing it to a fruit. So I am just going to post pictures with me and fruit. haha. I got so so SO much grief with my last pregnancy pictures that I am partially scarred from ever posting a bump picture again. Don't get me wrong, there were some lovely nice comments, but the mean ones definitely outweighed the nice. lol I might (might being the key word) post a bump picture when I start feeling like I am showing. But for now, I am happy with my fruit! lol

Me at 39 weeks with Autumn...and I was sticking it out...not "sucking it in".