Tuesday, 11 September 2012

36 Weeks!

36 Weeks!

I have less than a month to go with this pregnancy! 

I went to the doctors and it was my first "intrusive exam". I love my doctor, she is wonderful! She had so many good things to say!!

-My uterus is measuring just perfectly at 36 weeks.
-My cervix is soft with my baby's head pressing on it but still closed. Which she said was great because I am farther along than most women at 36 weeks who usually still have hard cervix's. I told her I was feeling numbing sensations and heaviness in my pelvis and she said that was good and that the baby's head was doing its job pressing on the cervix.

-The baby has dropped into my pelvis and that is why I am feeling numbness and pains.
-I still sit at a total weight gain of 18.5 pounds.

The baby was moving around so much during the exam. She tried to get the heart beat, but my little girl kept moving away and kicking the doppler- Dr. Kahn said I have an active little girl! It was also nice to have Jason there. During the summer I went to all my doctors appointments alone because he was working.
Jason and I got back from the cabin a couple days ago. We have cleaned the house from 4 months of dust collection and have started setting up our little girls room. It is becoming ever more real that I am going to be a mom in just shy of a month-especially when at church they discuss certain things that are upcoming, like the Calgary temple dedication, and realizing I will have a baby by then!
Jason and his brother Kevin set up the crib the other night. I have washed all the baby clothes and started putting them into drawers
I do have some projects to finish up before our baby comes:
-Her Halloween costume needs to be sewn together... yeah, she will practically be a month old by then!
-I need to finish crocheting her cocoon.
-Sew her change table cover.
-Reupholster the rocking chair Grandma Bullock gave us.

Sorry this post was so long, but I had so much to catch up on!


  1. I'm so excited for you, Brittany! Did you make the smaller bedroom upstairs into the nursery? That's the room where we have Rachel's room - we put a pink feature wall in it and it's adorable. I'm so glad I have a little girl, they are SO fun.

    1. yes, the smaller room is going to be the baby's room! I am so excited to be having a girl, I hear they are super fun!

  2. Can't believe you only have a month left!! You still look so small!

    1. I can't believe it is less than a month either! And with my cervix already being soft, perhaps she will even come early!! yay! Ps. LOVED your baby pictures. What a cute little guy!

    2. You need to take pics when her room is done!! Girls are so fun! Can't wait to see her. It sounds like they are a little worried I'm gonna have a preemie... we find out more in a couple weeks but hopefully he stays in there a while haha. I'm not quite ready for him to come yet! But they might be even closer in age than I thought!

    3. That would be fun to have them closer in age! Hopefully you are not on bed rest with this pregnancy! I heard that if you have a short cervix, you could be on bed rest for months... yikes! Hopefully he stays in there till 36 weeks! It would be glorious to have a baby a month early!! I would be popping this one out now if I was prone to have a preemie... alas I have a long cervix. :(

    4. haha alas... yeah well i go back in 2 weeks for them to measure it again and if it is still short its bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy!!! aahh that would suck so bad! We are a little stressed but I'm trying not to think of it too much cuz stressing can make it worse! bad cycle. Brian came at 32 weeks so im nervous our boy will be the same. But the silver lining i guess i wont have to do this for the full 9 months haha

    5. haha. That is a plus! 9 months is a long time...trust me! lol We will keep you in our prayers!

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