Saturday, 28 February 2015

31 weeks with baby #2!

I sometimes struggle with writing posts these days. Nothing new has been changing with me, where with Autumn I had a new thing to report about weekly (sometimes felt like daily).

27 weeks

30 weeks

Just went for my doctor appointment on Thursday:
-No diabetes (blood work came back after I drank the orange drink)
-blood pressure good
-Good iron levels
-Good thyroid levels
-Good hemoglobin levels
-baby measuring where he should be
-Baby is laying transverse as of now. She said she would be concerned if he hadn't flipped by 35 weeks. (Autumn was the same way)
-I still am down 2 pounds. My doctor said she was glad to see me managing my weight so well. She said that I was in good health so it wasn't a major concern for her, just something to watch and not to worry too much because every woman carries babies differently. Just as long as I am not trying to lose weight, not eating, and baby is growing well, she doesn't have major concerns (I assured her I eat, probably more than I should lol).

-Still sleeping so well (such a blessing! I hope it lasts the rest of the pregnancy...fingers crossed)
-As of Sunday, he is moving around quiet a bit. Sunday was acrobatic moves all day!
-No swelling or stretch marks
-At this point with Autumn I was complaining about not being able to breathe (she was so much in my ribs at this point), but I am doing just fine with this baby. Still don't feel anything obstructing my way (even when I bend).

This week has been a great one! We have had lots of family time and I am loving it! Autumn loves when her dad is around, so we are getting in all the time we can before the summer starts and our time is limited. We went roller skating, to the science centre, and today a trampoline place has just opened up and we are heading there for some bouncing fun! Autumn is going to be in heaven!

Jason heads off to Ontario next week to visit family and work. The following week we are heading down to Baltimore to see our friends that moved down their last year! I am so so so excited to spend some time with all of them. We haven't ever been to Baltimore area, so we are excited to take this trip. Once we get back, we are just waiting for this baby to come. Crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. Hopefully about a month and a half until we meet him!