Saturday, 29 October 2011

I heart Halloween!

Jason and I hosted a halloween party last night. It was so fun preparing for the epic night!

 Our kitchen transformed into Haunted goodness!

 I had bought spooky
 Halloween music and man, it was really creepy,
 I mean really creepy! I had to turn it off half way though the night

 Jason did a good job with all the webbing throughout the house.

 SO much fun!

The candles were a nice touch. I lit them for the night, praying that the webbing wouldn't light on fire. 

 These are my bat straws! I think they are uber adorable!!

 I made this wreath out of toothpicks!

My favourite childhood decoration is now in our home. Thank you mother dearest!!

"Witch parking only! Violators will be TOAD!"

I made the brooms and the sign... needless to say it was a fun project. Love the toad on the front porch. A nice touch right!

 I made the spider ball topiaries and think they are a nice touch to Jasons' fantastic webbing.

Thank you mom for some of the Halloween decorations! The tomb stones are a nice touch to our front yard!

You cannot have a party without treats. Making these treats was a blast!

 I love the hand in the punch. Thank you dental office for the gloves!


We had some great costumes from our guests...

Kevin and Breanne King as Nacho Libre and Encarnacion

 Dean, Breanne and Hazel Walters as Silver medalist Olympians... they are humble olympic medalists!

 Jason and I as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts from Iron Man

 Tandy and Kris Jones as Minions

 Mike and Brittany Lowry were attached at the hip... literally.

Taryn and Brian Booth as Poison Ivy and The Riddler

We played lots of halloween games, ate tons and ton and finished off the night with a SCARY movie!