Monday, 30 July 2012

30 Weeks

30 Weeks!!

Um crazy that I am now able to count down in single digits?! Where has the time gone?

-So I have had no swelling lately! phew!
-Baby is moving like crazy!
-I get more cramping as of late
-Sitting is a ton more uncomfortable... I am not looking forward to the 5 hour drive home in 5 weeks!
-I am finally starting to feel much better after having a fever all last week. I only have a tiny cough left with an even tinier sore throat!

This past week was not so fun at first being home in bed doing nothing...well not nothing, I did a lot of baby shopping on line and found some wicked deals! Oh and have been enjoying the olympics!
By Saturday, I was feeling a bit better and most of the Edmonton North wives went to the movies dressed up to try and win some sweet prizes.  Vivint paid for the movie and treats to enjoy!! Did I ever mention how much I love Jason's job?! The wives get treated soooo well!
On Sunday, we visited Jason's best friend from growing up in Vancouver. They now live not 5 minutes away from us so it was great to catch up! Tanner and his wife just had their first baby 6 days ago! Baby Jamison is soooo adorable!
We then went to the parliament building with Judy and Lee Oler. It was so much fun but TOTALLY got eaten alive by mosquitoes!
We had such a blast going to visit Jason's sister Kristi, after that...yes we had quiet the eventful day, but it was so fun to see everyone! 

2 more months till we see our little girl!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Doctors appointment Update

29 Week Check!

So today I went to my 29 week check up. My lab and ultrasound work came back and all with GREAT news!
I guess growing up with so many health problems I developed a fear for blood work and doctors in general so to get so much good news thrills me!

The doctor said:
-I officially don't have gestational diabetes! They check my urine every time I go to the doctors, but I officially cleared the orange drink test! With having PCOS I am at greater risk of developing it, so to know I am cleared is fantastic!
-I have now gained 18 pounds during this pregnancy which my doctor said is right on track.
-My thyroid level is stable 
-My baby girl is 2.9 pounds and from here on out should gain another 3-4 pounds! I like the sound of a 6 pound baby!!
-Our baby girl flipped to head down since the ultrasound.  My doctor said she might flip back upright, but it is unlikely at this point.
-Our baby's heart is great and everything checks out normal!
-No stretch marks as of yet
-My feet swelling is normal. But she told me to do just as my sister in law Traci told me and elevate every night for an hour! Thanks Traci!
-My cervix is now 4 cm long instead of 5. I am happy because maybe it will keep getting shorter fast and I have my baby a bit early!
-The doctor tried to get my little girls heart beat but she kept moving and kicking SO much! The doctor got the heartbeat for a brief moment and it is at 143 bpm.  Sometimes I feel like she is dancing in there or something.

-And best of all, the doctor said that our little girl was the cutest thing she's seen :) I bet she says that to all expecting mothers, but I wasn't going to hate on her! lol

Monday, 23 July 2012

29 Weeks

29 Weeks!

So some new symptoms have appeared! 
They include:
-Heartburn!!!! Man it burns! I feel like my throat is on fire sometimes!
-Aches in my joints. And not just little aches, like "Holy crap I feel 85" aches! 
-Fidgits. I think I have developed restless leg syndrome... yes I looked it up on webMD. lol WebMD says: Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a "pins and needles" feeling in the legs that creates an irresistible urge to move the legs. This can cause sleeplessness and pain in the legs during the day. It can be attributed to pregnancy. I am already doing all the things to fix it like exercising and not intaking caffeine. The other night I didn't sleep at ALL and Jason woke up and rubbed my feet till I fell asleep for a couple of hours. What a sweetie!
-I had 2 days of horrible feet swelling! Like I can't see my ankle bones bad.  Today they are looking pretty good though. I have ankles bones, but my ankles and feet are not quiet back to normal. lol  I think the culprit was going shopping and walking around for 2 days straight with my parents this past weekend. :) But it was totally worth it to have them here!


Tomorrow I have my doctors appointment. I might have to ask my doctor about my feet swelling so much. It kinda scared me! My feet felt itchy and hot as if they were stretching too much. Every step hurt, especially going down any stairs since I couldn't flex my feet at all. lol I kept telling Jason I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up one day and had stretch marks on my feet!! lol Jason was really sweet to me and would rub my feet every night to try and help the swelling. :)
I have been shopping on line a lot for baby items. I have found to be uber cheap! Most things are half off the cost at Babies R Us. For example, Bumbos are regularly about $70.00 and I can get a brand new one for $32.99 on Amazon! LOVE IT! I priced out all the things we will need and we'll save about $700.00 by shopping at Amazon. YAY!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Second Ultrasound!


So today, Jason and I went to our second ultrasound appointment. I was so excited to see our little girl again... I mean goodness, it has been 10 weeks since the last time. ;)
We had a student ultrasound tech named Kevin do the first scan. Then his teacher came in to look at his pictures and then we got a whole new scan from an actual ultrasound tech.  It was a long appointment but it was extra time to watch our girl move.

Updates on our baby girl:

-She measures in at 28 weeks 2 days, so not too far off as I am 28 weeks 5 days.
-She weighs 2.9 pounds and is in the 50th percentile for weight. I'm glad she is growing well and is not too big and not too small... JUST right!
-The bright spot is still on her heart but since everything checked out, they now consider it a soft indicator which is deemed normal. :) Yay for a healthy baby!
-She hasn't completely flipped to head down. She is transverse right now and loves it there. At the start of my appointment her head was on my right side and by the end her head was on my left! What an active little girl we have on our hands!
-My placenta is still anterior and hopefully will stay there!
-Jason and I got to watch her move around like crazy and even open her little mouth to drink the amniotic fluid. Jason said she looked like a fish opening and closing her mouth. lol

I think it is so neat that you can see her brain growth now!

What an adorable little girl! 

Monday, 16 July 2012


28 Weeks!

I can't believe that I am in my Third Trimester! I thought today would never come! It is crazy that in a few short weeks I will be counting DOWN my pregnancy in single digits!

At 28 weeks:
-I have had a ton of Braxton Hicks
-The charlie horses have come back to haunt me in full swing! They are so painful...(I guess I should learn to tolerate pain as I will be in the worst pain of my life in 2 and a half months! lol.)
-I have not had as many migraines lately
-Our baby girl moves soo much now and her kicks are uber painful on my bladder... yes she hasn't flipped just yet (still breach).
-I think my joints are starting to loosen... I feel achy sometimes (but then Jason just massages them away...hmm. Maybe I should be "ACHY" more often lol).
-I asked Jason just now what symptoms I have had this past week, and he said I have been more nurturing and loving. lol  Mind you, he has been sick... and he NEVER gets sick, so I had to pamper him. :)

I have a VERY eventful week:
-Wednesday, I go for my glucose test and blood work
-Friday, I go with Jason to my ultrasound (and of course there will be pictures to follow shortly after!) I can't wait to see our baby! I wonder how much she has changed!!
-Also on Friday, my parents are coming up for the weekend!! What a nice little treat! We haven't seen them very much this summer so it is nice that they thought to come visit us! Jason and I are spoiled!

I think I have the cutest little bump to celebrate this final haul! October 8th is just a hop, skip and a jump away. I mean, I have only a month and a half left in this summer. Then September will be SOOO busy with getting all our baby's things in order...and then she is here!

In September, Jason and I plan on taking a quick babymoon to my family's cabin down at Echo Lake Montana. It will be a nice hurrah to end Jason's work this summer.  He has been so dedicated and has worked so hard... my man DESERVES this little vacay! Jason says it will be nice to have some time to spend with each other before our beautiful addition comes to bless our home.

Monday, 9 July 2012

27 weeks!

27 weeks!

Holy Hannah it is soooo HOT here in Edmonton!

I am having so much fun this summer! I couldn't think of better girls to hang out with and better place to be for this pregnancy. I get to relax, keep my feet up and enjoy every moment of being pregnant. Jason is such a hard worker and is doing such an amazing job supporting our little family.
I am WAY too spoiled!

At 27 weeks I am: 
-feeling the growing pains more and more
-I have gained 15 pounds and 4 inches in my belly
-no stretch marks...yet
-pampered by Jason practically everyday with foot rubs and back rubs (Which in my mind is the reason I have had no back and feet pain thus far in my pregnancy!)
We had a joint BBQ yesterday and it was fabulous! It was so great to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful Sunday afternoon.
I get to go for a second ultrasound next week Friday! It is just to do a double check on her heart. I am so excited to see my little sweetie feels like it has been so long since the last time i've got to see her.
Next Wednesday I go for my glucose screen test. I used to be really nervous about this test since having PCOS increases your chances of gestational diabetes. But every doctors appointment I go to they test me and I don't have it. So for the formal test next week, I feel a bit better knowing I've been diabetes free thus far.

Yay for summer!

Monday, 2 July 2012


Yesterday was Canada's Day! 

It is tradition for Jason and I to go to watch the fireworks at night. This year our little baby girl joined us... well in the womb at least. But she enjoyed them! On some of the bigger, louder fireworks she jumped
It was a gorgeous night with no wind, rain or mosquitoes- I have not seen ANY mosquitoes here in Edmonton this summer for that matter!
We went to the stadium this year to watch the light show. It was still so light outside at 11PM... yep this picture was taken at 11 o'clock at night. lol

The moon was brilliant too! It almost looks like the moon is the sun!

We sang O Canada and then when it got a bit darker, the show began!
Edmonton had the biggest firework show in all of Western Canada this year and I tell you, they were magnificent!

Gorgeous Right!

Jason and I after the firework show! 
Yay for traditions!

  Jasons sister, Kristi met us at the stadium to enjoy the show. It was so fun to get together  with her! She makes us laugh!

Happy July 1st!

26 Weeks!

26 weeks!

My baby girl moves around so much at 26 weeks!

You can tell!
 I swear today she is lying head to my spine and feet out! I feel so huge! Last week I still felt pretty flat...NOT now! lol

Look at that bump
Man I carry low though eh?! I look like I have a ponch! haha. Oh well I think it will be good later on, I'll have more room for her to grow!

I also have discovered something... it's called the pull out bed! So on Jason's birthday last Monday we fell asleep on the pull out bed and I had what felt like the best sleep of my life! I was even... believe it... 
Jason and I now sleep on the pull out bed EVERY night! It may only be a double, but I am in love with it! 

There are 3 things that sleeping on the pull out bed has eliminated.
1. I don't get charly horses anymore! I think the actual bed was too soft and giving me pressure points. 
2. I don't bloat anymore! I can fit my rings on straight way in the morning. Before I would have to wait till the swelling went down! NO cankles, and no puffiness.
3. Last but not least, I am not sleeping with icepacks at night and sometimes I even get cold! I think the other bed's memory foam absorbed all the heat and made it a little heat pack every night. The pull out is just a mattress and stays cool at night
I have my doctors appt. tomorrow and I can't wait to hear her little heartbeat. It never gets old!