Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Years Eve Party

I know this post kinda late, but I had to put up the pictures of New Years Eve
Jason and I helped out with the YSA yacht party held at my parents place.

Everyone that attended dressed in their finest and has a character they played with everything being super ridiculous and pompous!

The Captain of the Yacht

For instance my character was Pepe'. My husband Horrace was away on business in Milan and I was attending my cousins newly bought yacht party. While there I found one of the hired help quite intriguing and irresistible...

His name was Burgeron Poupon'

We had our tall wine glasses in hand at all times. Each glass full of age old "wine" while sporting our ridiculously large engagement or wedding rings!

yes, yes, that is mine.

The hired help was satisfactory I suppose. We had valet parking, a handsome butler, concierge, servers, kitchen staffmaids etc.

There was delicious catered food, fireworks and a piano player that played throughout the night.

Unfortunately there was a couple that got lost on their way to a hawaiian party

Needless to say all the guests were highly unimpressed!

It was a fantastic way to bring in the new year. I think I'll host a themed party next year! 

Happy 2012!!