Wednesday, 21 January 2015

25 1/2 weeks!

This pregnancy is flying by and I only have 3 months left! 3 months people!!!

I guess it is flying by so fast because I still don't feel pregnant. So to think I will be holding a new born in 3 months makes me panic. I know it is crazy, but I still forget I am pregnant, like all the time. I debated whether to even do an update, but I keep my blog as a form of journal too. So it will be nice to look back and see the differences.


-We went to Cancun 2 weeks ago and I swear I drank my weight in pinacoladas, but when I went to my doctors appointment the day after getting back, I had lost another pound! So now I am down 7 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight.  At this point with Autumn I had gained 9 pounds already. So this weirds me out.
-I am still down 2 inches in my waist. At this point with Autumn I had gained an inch and a half.

-I sleep like a rock. At this point with Autumn, I was getting restless legs, and sleeping so poorly because of the summer heat.

-I haven't had any swollen ankles on normal days. (Minus the 2 travelling days to Cancun... they were a bit swollen with the full days of travelling. With Autumn at this point I was swelling all the time.

-I can still lay on my stomach on a hard floor.
-My workouts are still the same and don't need to be modified yet.

-I can bend in half just the same as when I wasn't pregnant. Still don't feel anything obstructing my movement.
-This kid doesn't move nearly as much as Autumn did.
-My only symptom is the occasional heartburn.

This holiday season has been a blur! So much has happened. We went skiing down in Montana (Echo Lake for Christmas this year with my parents), back up to Calgary for less than a week and then off to Cancun. I haven't made time to document our happenings, so this post will have to sum it up. lol  
Before heading down to the cabin, we had an epic cousins party night in Lethbridge! We went curling, out to Osho's for Japanese and games at the MacDonalds. Seriously. SO. Amazing!

We took Autumn skiing for the first time, and she was a champ, a natural! We thought she would be the one getting herself off the hill, but after a full day of skiing the bunny hill, we had to call it quits for her. lol Dad and Jason took turns teaching her the ropes. My dad has this stick method that should seriously be patented. She was the cutest thing on the hill!

Jason and I went off to Cancun a week later. It was a much needed get away and we were able to set family goals, relax and enjoy one anothers company. Autumn stayed with my parents for the week and she was in her element! She rode the tractor with Grandpa, fed the fish, and seriously never missed us! Grandparents are the best! I never worried about her once. She was in the best of hands.