Friday, 30 November 2012

My baby girl is a month old!!

1 Month Old!

My little Autumn peanut is one month old already! Time is flying by! 

Autumn updates:
-still in newborn clothes
-Loves bath time
-is drinking 3-4 oz 

-sleeps 6-8 hours every night
-smiles like crazy
-projectile pukes sometimes (on Jason)
-wears newborn diapers
-2 weeks ago she weighed 7lbs 12oz at her first doctors appointment
-is such a happy girl! It is rare to hear her cry

Mom updates:
-2 weeks after delivering Autumn I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Now I have lost a total of 25lbs!! 7lbs lighter than before I was pregnant and still losing!
-I was completely healed and feeling myself after a week
-I love being a mom! It is such a blessing and having Jason around 24/7 is phenomenal! 
-Get to go back to the gym in a week and a half and am STOKED! I have been itching to get back!

ok ok... I know I posted this really late since she is now 7 weeks on Sunday, but better late than never!