Saturday, 28 September 2013

11 months

I totally forgot to blog about Autumn at 11 months!!

Autumn updates:

-Walks with the high chair everywhere! And is even smart enough to back it up :)
-Now walks around with holding just one of my hands. No more two hands.

-reading scriptures before bed with daddy

-Loves being back at home!
-tells everyone what a sheep says... "baaa" or "baa baa"
-likes to be a little indian making pow wow war cries!
-dances! Whenever she hears music she bobs up and down

-eats everything we do. We are trying to wean her off of formula. I still have a can left so I will try and have her weaned by the time the can is empty. Has a bottle when she wakes, for her naps and before bed (6oz).
-She is eating and I think enjoying food a lot more! It's not such a hassle anymore.

-little Audy is such a daddy's girl! When Jason was gone to his man camp, all she would say day in and day out was, "da da da da da"
-Just moved her into 6-9 month clothes!!!
-I weighed her on our home scale and she weighs 18 lbs
Has 4 teeth now! the front two (upper and lower)

-started saying "up"-sounds more like "uh" but I know what she means ;)
-she is one heck of a stair climber! The little stinker as of today can go down them backwards. She practiced on our little step leading into the living room and now is a pro on the real stairs.

-bear crawls, army crawls, wounded soldier crawls, regular knee crawls...and now stands on her own! Hasn't walked yet, but I give her a month.
-love her laugh
-sleeps from 7pm-8:30am then I give her a bottle and she sleeps again till 9:30. I consider it her first nap. Then she sleeps from about 12:30-2:00.
-loves stuffed animals. She always puts them up to her face and giggles
-LOVES books! She could have me read them all day....
-size 4 diapers
-waves "hi"
-gives the best slobbery kisses!
-Still, at least 10+ times per shopping trip I get people stopping us all the time! They tell me about their 6 children and then goo at her. I totally don't blame them and she eats it all up! She is such a flirt and makes everyone fall in Love with her.

-Went on a walk with daddy and found a frog. I guess she loved the frog sooo much that she picked it up and started waving with it.  Jason quickly took it out of her hands before she squished it.  Poor little frog!

-LOves brushing her teeth!