Monday, 28 April 2014

Hi Calgary!

We have settled down in our Calgary apartment and are ready for the 

Our Bedroom

I thought I'd snap a couple pictures of our place so that I can remember our summer in Calgary in years to follow!

In the Vivint summer (April-August) we only take with us the bare necessities (what can fit in our vehicles essentially), hence why there are no pictures on the walls or decorations of any sort in these no judging (I do know how to decorate). lol

 Vivint supplies couches, coffee tables, kitchen tables/chairs, beds, lamps, dressers and night stands for the 4-5 months of work. We splurged, and this summer is the FIRST summer in 5 years of married Vivint life that we brought a TV! Exciting stuff!  haha

One of my favourite things with this summers apartment is our view of the city.  Today wasn't a very clear day, but I love seeing the city and the beautiful Bow River and ravineI can't wait till it is green! Right outside our door is a gorgeous running trail and park! 

Autumn is loving having her cousin Jade here... and needless to say, having my sister here is ah-mazing! Alex (Tiffany's husband) is teching for Jason's office this summer before they head to Detroit for law school. The rest of the Vivint wives of the office are trickling in and we will all be partying together starting Thursday! 

 Jade: "Carrots have never tasted so good...." 
(it's a cheezie

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Good bye Lethbridge, hello New adventures

3 Weeks ago, we moved to South Calgary!
 The lead up to moving was..something. lol Jason had a ton of out of town meetings etc. So it was me packing up the house and Autumn trying to stay, by unpacking everything I put into a box! It was stressful, but we love new adventures and were excited to see what this next little bit brings!

We sold our Copperwood house to identical twin sister who teach elementary and high school in Lethbridge. It was good to see our first home going to people who appreciate its simplistic beauty and will take care of it. I know it is no longer our home, but we have some fond memories of that house. Some major firsts and so much love!

Ode to,
180 Coalbanks Blvd W

I took this winter shot because we only knew this house as our winter home. lol 
We are gone in the summer time with Vivint work, so  we always came home in September and left in April. Thus, our winter home.
 We bought this show home 3 years ago after our first summer married with Vivint. While Jason was working during the summer I went to go take a look at the house before purchasing it. Jason didn't even see the house until after papers were signed and it was ours! I was terrified that he wouldn't like it. But we both fell in love with its charm! In all of Copperwood, our home is the only one with this adorable curvy sidewalk. I found it whimsical and happy. When giving directions to our house, I would always say to look for green house, with a red door and curvy sidewalk. I loved the wrap around porch and all the windows that brought in the natural light!

 The arches in the house were such a selling feature! They added a soft, warm, unique look! As soon as your came into the house, you would see Jasons office (next house we own, I will put his office out of site...Jason likes his office to be in a state of "organized" clutter lol) But we loved having an office at home so he could be with us all day!


I loved having 2 1/2 bathrooms! This main floor washroom was a stair climbing lifesaver!

 I loved the open concept of the house. It had so much space! All the walls were beige and boring so I painted some accent walls. Joe, my cousin taught me the tricks of the trade when it came to painting! I think it turned out well!! 



Joe MacDonald Helping me out! I learned from the best!!

 The kitchen had so much counter space. And I had so much cupboard space, I didn't even fill all of them! I had a double oven, spacious pantry and loved everything about this kitchen!

 Every part of this house had charm. 

 We had some awesome parties, games nights, and get togethers here. Made some lasting friendships, loved our church ward, and being so close to Jason's parents. 

 Upstairs laundry is the best thing to ever happen, ever! 

 We loved having guests at our house. We love entertaining and sharing our home with friends and family. We have sweet memories of Grandma Bullock staying here Christmas Eve and spending Christmas with us, helping friends through trying times, dog sitting, laughing till our faces hurt and sharing the gospel with dearest of friends. Cherished memories that we will hold dear to us.

 When we bought this house, we had no idea if we would have children, or if these walls would bounce with the sound of tiny pitter pattering feet

Would I have the opportunity to scrub our mirrors and windows from all the tiny finger prints?

 Pick up cherrios and goldfish from the floor?

Read bedtime stories?

or sing lullabies to a tired baby? 

38 1/2 weeks pregnant with Autumn

At the age of 16, I was told that I wouldn't have any children of my own. So buying a house with 3 bedrooms was kinda tough. We wondered if we should plan for the future (adopting, invitro) or buy something smaller for the time being. It would be 2 years later, that we would find out we were having Autumn! I know I swarm your facebook feeds with photos and videos of her, but I love sharing our miracle from heaven. 

This home has held some of our fondest experiences! From first years of marriage, to Autumns first steps. We will miss sooo much about this home. 

 Autumns washroom

Upstairs hallway

 Master Bedroom and on suite 

We are excited about our coming adventures in Calgary. 
Farewell first house, bring on the summer!!!