Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Happy Birthday Jason!

 Sorry Love, I know this is quite late!

This year on June 25th, Jason turned 25... yep it was his golden birthday (when you turn the age of your birth date) AND he is now a QUARTER of a century old!

This is why I love my man...

1. He is the most patient person I know. In the worst of situations he is calm and collected. When we are late for a function (believe it or not) it is most likely because of me! I either can't find something to wear, my hair is a mess, or i've misplaced my shoes that I swear were in the closet where I left them! Jason however, is always ready on time... just waiting for me. Every once in a while when it is getting to the point where we are embarrassingly late, I can hear him singing "waiting on a woman..."(with a loving smile) I just love my man!

2. Jason makes me laugh! He is so funny and has a great sense of humour! He is such a likeable guy and I love spending every moment I can with him. His laugh is contagious and I must agree with his mother, when she says Jason is her "little ray of sunshine!" Jason is consistently happy and finds the positive in every moment!

I told Jason we should take a nice picture for my brother Jordan
on a mission. Just as we were taking it, I look over and find him
making this face...never a dull moment folks!

He is sooooooo adorable!

3. Jason loves the church! He is stalwart in his callings and is always trying to improve himself spiritually. He upholds and honours the priesthood and serves in the church faithfully.  His testimony is strong and he is always on his knees in thanksgiving for the blessings he has.  Jason has such a love for the Saviour and the gospel. I am so grateful that I have a husband who loves the temple and the teachings it renders. September 5, 2009 was one of my happiest times.  It is a blessing to be married for eternity to Jason!


4. One of Jason's favourite pass times is family gatherings.  He enjoys games, singing, talking and just having a good ol' time with our families.  Jason constantly thinks of his family and different things he can do to help each family member.  He thinks of others before himself and family AlWaYs comes first.

I just love each one of them! I am so blessed to be 
a part of this family!


Jason with Lori and David's children.  Jason is going 
to be a fantastic father someday!

5. Jason is incredibly handsome!!!! How did I get such a catch? He has the most adorable eyes! We (and by "We" I mean "I") might be in trouble if our children get Jason's gorgeous eyes... I can't say no to those eyes!


Look at that sweet blonde boy in the front! Can you get cuter than this?
Jason, please pass on your curly locks to our children!

People always have a list of celebrities they would like to marry. Let me tell you that I don't need a list because I married a mix between Justin Timberlake and Will Schuester off Glee...

...need I say more?!

6. Jason enjoys the outdoors and has a passion for adventure!  He has travelled a fair bit and now shares his adventures with me.

Buckingham Palace. Home sweet Home 
for "the Kings" right?!?

Jason having an intellectual conversation 
with one Gibraltar monkey.

The monkey really liked him!

Remember this Jason? Let's use sunscreen next 
time we're in Spain...

7. Jason has a deep love for progression. He is never satisfied with today but looks for ways to improve tomorrow.  He is incredibly inspirational when it comes to pushing yourself to be better than you were tomorrow. He is not a quitter and always has a new goal he is working on.  Motivational books are Jason's favourite to read, and has even got me reading a couple! 

When Jason was in Korea serving a mission (yes the chair was 
randomly on the road) I thought it looked like a good
picture for an inspirational poster... you know
to go along with my progression theme

8. Jason is a people person. I don't know of anyone who doesn't like Jason. He is easy to get along with and is great at compromising and finding a solution where all win! He has great people skills that just blow my mind.  He is an excellent communicator and listener, and I am grateful for his daily example of this.

"I heart you Jason King" was graffitied on the U of L rock.
It was not me... so who else loves my husband that I should know about?!? 
huh huh? :)

9. Jason doesn't hold grudges. When I do or say stupid things he is so quick to forgive and move on.  He lets things just roll off his back and never sweats the small stuff.  I admire this in Jason immensely
My Jason!

10. Jason is a phenomenal husband! He treats me with such respect and love. He only ever has good, uplifting, positive things to say! He thinks of me every day in the simple things he says and does for me to make my day smoother. He makes me feel beautiful and confident. Jason empowers me to conquer anything I set my mind to and is right there to support me along the way. He and I are equal partners in life and marriage. I truly picked a man that respects and esteems womanhood. Happy birthday Love! I look forward to the many more years we will share together.

jason, I love you the mostest indiminium!

LOve, me