Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I am Addicted to Pinterest!
 my friend Judy Oler showed it to me and now I am hooked! I have found such creative party ideas, holiday decorating, crafts, places to visit... AMAZING!
What a great little nook for reading!

I am in LOVE with these coasters!

A do-it-yourself tutorial on adorable 
mobiles for future little Kings.

While I'm on the mobile train- how cute is this?!

I will make this for my little ones! What a fantastic idea
for Church!


  1. cute! i agree, hahaha. i am selling those coasters in my shop if you never get around to making them ;)

  2. GET OUT OF TOWN!! You are Megs!?! I might just have to buy them from you! I fell in deep love with them! You have such good Ideas! Oh and I think I found those coasters on your interest! haha!