Sunday, 6 May 2012

17 Weeks 5 days!

17 Weeks... 5 days!
 (125 days pregnant today!)

Sorry about the huge shadow on half this picture...or all the pictures really. I'll have to remember to take the pictures earlier in the day. lol

17 weeks is great so far. My blog post from a couple of days ago is still the same update. The only difference is that I am now  for sure that the movements I feel are the baby... there is NO way my stomach is this active!

 I have been continuing Crossfit 6 times a week and swim about every other day on top of Crossfit. I hope that by staying active I will only gain the necessary pounds for the baby's health And perhaps have an easy labour?!?! :)

 I am super happy to be pregnant during the summer. I know, I know you think I am crazy with all the heat summer provides.  But with Jason's job being the 4 months in the summer, I can just relax! And FYI my apartment this summer does NOT have air conditioning. lol So I'm sure I will be blogging a lot about how warm I am and staying in the pool ALL summer long. :)

So, the shirt I am wearing is a little poofy and flowy
 so in this picture I am holding my shirt to me.

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