Tuesday, 18 September 2012

37 Weeks!

37 Weeks!

I have a whopping 3 weeks to go...and still don't have everything done that I need done! I think I need to start finishing a project a day. lol
I had my prenatal classes on Saturday and it was really informative. We took a hospital labour and delivery tour and that kinda freaked me out! I kept thinking, "oh dear, this could be my room in 3 weeks!!" We also went through lots of breathing and relaxing techniques for labour...hope those work. lol

Today, I had my doctors appointment. 
No internal exam today, but Dr. Kahn said I am measuring perfectly at 37 weeks. She liked to hear that I was having lots of aches and pains in my lower half and even some contractions that I have had to breathe through. She said that the baby was still head down and sunk way deep into my pelvis squishing my bladder and putting pressure on my cervix. My baby's heart beat today was 145 BPM.

Other than aches and pains in my lower half: 
-I am super comfortable. 
-I have air conditioning in my house so I am the perfect temperature... Jason on the other hand is always a bit on the cold side. lol 
-I sleep so well during the night now that I am in my own bed. Only waking up to use the washroom a couple times at night :)
-I am still at a weight gain of 18.5 LBS
-No stretch marks
-Baby is moving more and more

Not too much longer!

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  1. HOW ARE YOU ALDREADY 37 WEEKS!!! EEE! So soon! I cannot wait :) This is so great.