Thursday, 25 October 2012

Autumn Update

October 15th
2nd day in the hospital. 

Some tummy time with daddy.

Look at that little arm wrapped around her pa

Tuesday, October 16th
Home from the hospital.
After a long 2 and a half days at the hospital, we got to go home! Jason and Autumn took a nap on the living room floor. We have big windows in that room so dad put Autumn under a shade. 
Too Cute!

Jason attempted to use the wrap... lol creative yes. We looked on utube after to find out how to really wrap it and took her for a walk.

Autumn and Jason take lots of naps. She loves cuddling with her dad.

First Sunday
All ready for church!

We got Autumn all dressed up for her first outing to church. She was so good the whole 3 hours!

Thanks Grandma Hill for the cute cardi!

Big stretch!

Oooo! And on another note, Autumn's umbilical cord came off last night!
I know, a little gross, but I was super happy!

And now look at that cute little belly button!! She totally has Jasons halfy...Not an inny and not and outie, a halfy. 
As for Jason and I, we are doing really great. I think we are adjusting to being parents quiet well. She is such a good baby! We are getting lots of sleep, I am all healed up and have been feeling fantastic and back to myself as of last Friday. I am grateful for a wonderful husband who is always willing to help and is honestly the best father. Autumn loves him so much. She always smiles when he is around!


  1. Cutest outfit EVER!!!!! Glad things are going so well!

  2. Haha, two things:
    1) I LOVE love love wraps. Jason needs to brush up on his wrap skills though. ;)
    and 2) I love how you are covering up her va-jay-jay on the belly button photo. LOL.

    Oh, and 3) she is so fricken adorable!!!! GAH!!!