Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn is a year old!

My baby girl is a year old?

I can't believe how fast this year has gone. 

Autumn Updates:

-Turned 1 on October 14!

-walking, talking and super busy all the time! 

-She can now say baby on top of her other words

- point to eyes, ears and noses
-She has 5 teeth right now with the 6th one coming in! 
-in size 4 diapers
-size 6-9 month clothes
-has enough hair for piggy tails now
-loves going to Crossfit with mommy

-now dances turning back and forth making her hands dance about

-sleeps from 7-8:30 without waking. I'm ok with 13 1/2 hours! ;)

-has 2 naps usually unless she sleeps in a bit then one in the afternoon

-LOVES stuffed animals and makes a cute little squeal when she sees one and hugs them to her face

-Loves fruit and eats pretty well now.

-Put her on our scale and she is about 19lbs. Her immunization is on the 21st so we will know for sure then

-goes up and down the stairs. Jason taught her sooo well. She will go down in multiple ways. She slides on her bum, turns around or scales the wall. Talented!

-Was a little monster for Halloween

-3 bottles during the day. Have weened her to homo. Once a day though, I add formula with it so my mind is at ease that she is getting all the nutrients she needs lol

-loves playing with friends. Sometimes she is mean and pushes them over. Funny, but not funny. lol

-she climbs up her slide, turns around and slides down. She also climbs up the stairs. She is an amazing climber!!

-When she sees a monkey or is playing with her stuffed monkey, she says oooh ooo!

As for Jason and I, we are doing great! We just hosted a Halloween murder mystery party and it was a hit! I think we will have to do one every year.
Jason is busy at work, and I am enjoying the blessing of staying home with my peanut! Jason is sweet and takes Autumn during the day while I exercise. She loves her daddy time.
We just booked our tickets to Hawaii for February. It will be the first time leaving Autumn! I am freaking out already! I thought I would be one of those moms that would be completely chill with leaving their kids at home here and there for a holiday... nope. I will miss her soo much! Jasons parents will be watching her and that makes me feel much better!


  1. Loooove the updates! She's such a ham - I love her to bits. <3

  2. Ummmmm. Auntie Debbi can watch her!!!!!!!!

  3. she is such a doll thanks for the fun updates