Monday, 10 February 2014


Jason is gone this week and it is soooo lonely! When he is gone on business trips, it truly makes me appreciate every little thing he does when he is around.

-taking out the garbage
-playing with Autumn
-taking groceries in
-dancing in the kitchen
-plugging in my car
-scraping my car
-shovelling the walks
-changing dirty diapers
-reading Autumn her bed time stories
-hearing Jason help Autumn with her prayers
-filling my tires with air in -30'C weather
-foot rubs

And these are just SOME of the things I can think of that would have been nice in the 2 days he has been gone.... that's right. It has only been 2 full days and I still have too many more to count!

Enough of the, "woe is me", pity party, and mush. 


Jason and I have leased our house out for the next 3 years so we have to move out all of our stuff out by April 1. AND I am going to be missing 2 weeks of packing due to Jason being gone this week and Hawaii in 2 weeks... That's right... 2 weeks till Hawaii!!
I haven't yet started to freak out that I have a whole house to move with a 1 1/2 year old running around. I am sure it will hit soon enough. lol 

Autumn is saying new words all the time

Here are some that I can think of off the top of my head:
water (sounds like wa wa)
please (sounds like peas)
hi dad
love you 
(new one from today. Not perfect yet, but it was soooo cute!!


Her curls are ah-mazing!

She now understands pretty much all commands and knows what I am saying. If she needs something, she will point to it or take my hand and show me what she wants. I am falling more and more in love with our little Autumn every day. She completes us! She is so smart, loving, kind and down right perfect! Most days I am sad to put her to bed. She has become my little bestie!

Aunt Sandy and I are having a girls night on Valentines Day with TONS of treats and back to back chick flicks followed by a sleepover! Yup, best Aunt EVER!


  1. Autumn gets cuter and cuter every day Britt! Heather and I love the pics, keep em' coming!

  2. please hit this link to message me on fb. I really need to talk to u. some girl on facebook is using a picture of ur daughter and is saying its her baby. its a picture from when she was a baby.