Monday, 28 April 2014

Hi Calgary!

We have settled down in our Calgary apartment and are ready for the 

Our Bedroom

I thought I'd snap a couple pictures of our place so that I can remember our summer in Calgary in years to follow!

In the Vivint summer (April-August) we only take with us the bare necessities (what can fit in our vehicles essentially), hence why there are no pictures on the walls or decorations of any sort in these no judging (I do know how to decorate). lol

 Vivint supplies couches, coffee tables, kitchen tables/chairs, beds, lamps, dressers and night stands for the 4-5 months of work. We splurged, and this summer is the FIRST summer in 5 years of married Vivint life that we brought a TV! Exciting stuff!  haha

One of my favourite things with this summers apartment is our view of the city.  Today wasn't a very clear day, but I love seeing the city and the beautiful Bow River and ravineI can't wait till it is green! Right outside our door is a gorgeous running trail and park! 

Autumn is loving having her cousin Jade here... and needless to say, having my sister here is ah-mazing! Alex (Tiffany's husband) is teching for Jason's office this summer before they head to Detroit for law school. The rest of the Vivint wives of the office are trickling in and we will all be partying together starting Thursday! 

 Jade: "Carrots have never tasted so good...." 
(it's a cheezie

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