Monday, 16 May 2011

24th Birthday...

Is it wrong of me to somewhat resent my 24th birthday. I swear I am 20, I don't feel 24 yet! The number 24 truly makes me feel incredibly old... But however old I feel, my birthday was simple amazing!
Let me give you some background information to my birthday.  Jason works as a manager for Vivint as you may know, and he works Monday through Saturday 9am-9:30pm for 4 months of the year. Both Jason and my birthday fall on those working months.  So making time for anything but work is extremely difficult. I was just lucky that my birthday fell on a Sunday, which is the only day Jason and I have together during the months of April-August. I am not telling you this for you to feel sorry for me. This job is amazing and has been such a blessing, but for you to understand how incredibly blessed I am to have a husband that cares for me so much!
On Saturday night, Jason got home from work at 10:00 pm, just in time to grab me and take me to a show! The movie finished a little past 12:00am... on my birthday! So technically, Jason and I were able to go out on my birthday!

I love Sundays, not only because it was my birthday, but because Sundays are the only full day Jason and I have together! He took me on a romantic birthday picnic in the park with sparkling apple juice with plastic picnic wine glasses and scrumptious supper. We played some board games together, I received an amazing back massage, and finished off the night with watching movies as we cuddled on the couch eating movie treats on my new laptop! Jason doted on me all day and thought of everything I could dream of to make my day fantastically special!
Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes and presents! I felt so loved and cared for. I have great friends and family that support and love me! Perhaps 24 isn't really that bad...


  1. think 24 is hard! Wait until 40! Happy birthday again!

  2. Lucky couple. Love ya Celanie

  3. You forgot to give me a personal shout out...i'll forgive you
    Tiffany Hill