Monday, 30 May 2011

Tiffany Lee

I have a sister that I love oh so much! Her name is Tiffany Lee. Here are 10 reasons why I truly love and admire her:

1. She is so strong in the church and has a fantastic testimony that radiates through her.  Tiffany always says things that make me feel she is years ahead of her age in her spiritual strength and maturity. 

2. She is extremely talented. It seems like anything Tiffany puts her mind to, she can do. She can sing like an angel, play the guitar like Taylor Swift... and personally when she sings and plays the guitar together, I think she even sounds BETTER than Taylor Swift.

3. She is a good friend! Anyone that know Tiffany, knows how loving of a friend she is. She would do anything for her friends to make them feel special. She always has been an excellent friend and sister to me.  She is kind to everyone. That is a trait that I feel most impressed about. Even in her grade school years, Tiffany befriended EVERYONE

4. Tiffany has a killer laugh! She is a happy girl and is good at making any sad, frustrating, gloomy moment the best inside joke ever!

5. She is gorgeous...both inside and out! I am constantly envying that girl. (even her green eye and blue eye)-"hey Tiffany, that green shirt of yours really matches your eye well!" haha. I totally got grounded for that one!

6. She is a outstanding listener. Any time I have to vent, she is right there to listen and continues to have such good advice for me.

7. Tiffany is a remarkable auntie! Both Landon and Easton cant get enough of their Aunt Fiffy! She has such a caring heart and a love for children that surpasses any I know.

8.She is an adventure seeker. She loves travelling, visiting people and places! She makes any road trip awesome, with singing in the car, running over bunnies and good conversation. Some of my fondest memories are when we are on vacation. El Shavo...sick, Stealth... I was the best instructor!

9. Tiffany can make any ordinary day, one you will never forget! I remember when the Twilight series came out, (yes I read them, don't judge) Tiffany and I read them in her room all day while eating Sweet chilli heat chips... and I might have accidentally gotten some of the hot crumbs in her eye... I don't remember if it was her green eye or blue eye... oh well. We still laugh about that one to this day. 

10. I think that the best thing about TiFfAnY LeE HiLl, is that she is my sister! I am blessed to know her and be related to her. She is truly an inspiration in my life and I learn so much from her each day I am with her. She is one of the truest friends I have ever had. I know that it might be a little crazy, we are 5 years apart, and yet so close! We have been attached at the hip for as long as I can remember! I just love this girl!

I love you Tiffany!

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  1. :) i can honestly say everything you said about me straight back to you! You are the best ever! I look up to you more than you know Britsy doodle :) Come see me in lil old Rexburg soon..merci