Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Half way there...

20 Weeks... 3 days.

 I am half way there. I feel great at 20 weeks. I have, although, changed a  little bit. 
  • I have now gained 1 pound 
  • gained 1/2 an inch in my stomach! 
  • Feel the baby move like crazy
  • Sitting down is more awkward because I feel something there...kinda in the way. lol

Progress right!!

Now about the photos for this week... no judging. lol I've been helping out for two weddings in both Arizona and at home in Medicine Hat. So I didn't bring my best outfits or do my hair... or really anything. So just love. <3

I do have a funny story though. In my previous pregnancy weeks I had not been swelling at all, or if I was a little bit, I am not complaining anymore. The other night I looked down at my foot after a long day and my foot, yes, just my one foot was HUGE! It kinda looked like it had a bad case of elephantiasis. I showed my mom and her eyes got real big and all she said was, "Britt, I think you need to ice that." lol  Luckily, it went away by the morning.

Last week I was in such shock and awe that we had a baby girl on the way. I would go through the stores and pass by the kids section and now know that I need to look at the girl kid section. Before this week, it just seemed so surreal. I would look time and time again at my ultrasound pictures and think, "wow, that is inside me and IT is now a girl!!" 

But this week, I am now getting out of the shock stage and am super excited!
Last week I turned 25 and a dear friend gave me my first baby girl onsie! It has strawberries on it and is so adorable! I can't wait to start buying little clothes for our baby girl. I am resisting right now by not going into the baby section anymore. I have had too many close calls of wanting to buy out the store. lol.


  1. I wanna see your belly!!!!!! PS... I love you :) I can't wait to go shopping for cute little girl onezies. So happy you are in Edmonton.

  2. I am going to bring you adorable little girl clothes when you have her (or before). But beware - it's way too easy to buy out the whole store! My kids have oodles of clothes, more than they can even wear. I'm crazy about kids' clothes, and now that I have a girl, I buy her SOOO many clothes. I'm so excited for you and Jason! Hooray!

    1. yay! That would be so awesome! Im in Edmonton now, but will be home in September. We need to get together, It has been too long. :)