Monday, 11 June 2012

23 Weeks


I can't believe that next week I will be 6 months along or 24 weeks! Time is just flying by and I feel awesome!
At 23 weeks I have now gained a whopping 5 pounds!

You can totally see the cute little bump!

So my blog last week caused a little bit of a stir. lol I felt like I totally popped and I got so many people say they couldn't see the bump! I promise it is there, and if you really know me, you know I don't normally look like this! I feel like I am in the awkward "is she pregnant or just gained a couple pounds in the mid section" stage. lol

Here are a couple shots just before going swimming on Friday.
There is no hiding the bump in a swimsuit! 

I went to the doctor the other day and she told me that when I went for my ultra sound they found that I have an anterior placenta. For those who don't know, an anterior placenta simply means that your placenta is positioned on the front wall of your uterus (womb). I thought by baby was a big kicker, but apparently I don't even feel the brunt of it! In order for me to feel kicks from my little girl, she has to also kick through the placenta so I only feel the really big kicks and wiggles.

Oooo. And Jason felt her kick yesterday for the first time. I have been trying to have Jason feel her move and kick for a while now. Every time she moved a ton I ran to get Jason, but by the time he put his hand on my stomach, she stopped... Silly Girl!  But when he finally got to feel her move for the first time last night, he said it was really neat to feel his little girl growing and wiggling around. It definitely made the whole pregnancy more real for me. 


  1. i still dont a see a bump! you look awesome britt. me and bri are so excited for you guys and cant wait to meet her!!! yay!

    1. Thanks Brooke! She is going to LOVE her Auntie Brooke!! How the heck are you guys!? We miss you two!

    2. We are good! Just Both working full time right now so that keeps us busy! Can't wait to see this pretty girl!

  2. I am praying for your pregnancy cuz not gaining weight and not having had morning sickness.... these things are all important in a pregnancy! And having a anterior placenta doesnt change these things.... I am worried about your pregnancy and so the Bible says do not worry instead pray.... (Philippians 4:6)

    1. Dear Anonymous person:
      I have a couple things to address-
      1.I can't help never having morning sickness.
      2. I also can't help not gaining tons of weight. I eat a healthy amount and never go hungry. Small meals throughout the day.
      3. I exercise daily but have been doing that for years. I go to my doctor monthly and she says that the baby and I are healthy and progressing well. She also said that women who exercise regularly tend to show later in pregnancy and every women gains weight at a different rate.
      4. I never said that having an anterior placenta had anything to do with gaining weight or not having morning sickness. I only said that it was the reason I don't feel my baby move a ton.

      I appreciate your concern, but I think I will stick to what my professional doctor says. I feel great and my doctor says my baby and I are healthy and doing good.

  3. Oh my goodness Brittany.... know that you are NOT the only person who does not have morning sickness. Many women do not. Just like some women have problems with menopause, and others like me did not. Each person is different, and each pregnancy can be different. Do not worry about that at all. And believe me, you will gain more weight as the baby grows, and as long as your exercise is reasonable and not too strenuous and new for you, you will be just fine. There are some kinds of exercise you might want to think twice about, but you can read about what to avoid. You are right to follow your doctor's suggestions throughout this pregnancy and enjoy it. I felt fine throughout mine, and you can just disregard opinions (especially anonymous ones) that just aren't worth the space they take up. Take care, and if you wish to do so, pay me a visit some time. Love to see you while you are in our fair city. The old Auntie who lives just south of you!

    1. Thanks Auntie Sheelagh! I was blown away by that anonymous post! Its great to know I have such a great support team!

  4. This is the husband....
    To whomever the "Anonymous" commenter is, it seems you have some significant envy issues to deal with. I'm posting to express my support of my most beautiful and wonderful wife through this pregnancy. She endured years of frustration as she was told she would not be able to conceive. It was actually through constant prayer and faith that we've been blessed with this baby girl, and Brittany prepared herself in every way she could to demonstrate that faith. I'm appalled that you would have the indecency to criticize Brittany on things that are not only out of her control, but also positive aspects in regard to her experience as a new mother-to-be. Please refrain from bitter and jealous comments, as my wife has no need to feel guilty for the blessing that is our baby girl.
    Sincerly, Jason.

  5. Yay Brittany! She will be here before you know it!