Monday, 18 June 2012

Yeah, that's right... 6 months baby!

24 Weeks!

At 24 weeks...
- I have been having more and more braxton hicks
-Earlier in the week I was having some pains in my lower abs... probably just my little girl making some more room for herself.
-I cannot get sleep at night for the life of me! I think it is just because I sleep with a space heater...a.k.a Jason. lol I think without AC this summer I will be investing in a floor fan. Cuddling with Ice packs at night to cool myself down is just not cutting it! lol (but in all seriousness, I really do sleep with multiple ice packs every night)

My hair isn't done for the day, so no judging. lol

Yesterday was Fathers Day! I wanted fathers day to be about being  father, and since our little girl isn't here yet to give her daddy kisses and hugs I got Jason a onesie that when I saw it, I knew he would LOVE!

So Jason might not be having a son, but his little girl can have something in common with her daddy!

So this little girl is coming to join our family in October. Where am I going to find swim suits for a baby in OCTOBER?! SO, Naturally, after convincing myself I wouldn't be able to find a swim suit in October, I got 2 0-6 month swim suits for our little girl. (on sale for $5.00 no less... with a sale like that, I just HAD to get them. I think I'm loving the Children's Place outlet!)

Presh to death right!

Oh, and last but not least, our wives club Vivint charity project won this Summer and each wife in our office got $100.00 gift certificate to anywhere they want... I think the West Edmonton Mall is a good place to start!

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  1. Love the bathing suits! Lily got the same Batman onesie for her bday!