Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Doctors appointment Update

29 Week Check!

So today I went to my 29 week check up. My lab and ultrasound work came back and all with GREAT news!
I guess growing up with so many health problems I developed a fear for blood work and doctors in general so to get so much good news thrills me!

The doctor said:
-I officially don't have gestational diabetes! They check my urine every time I go to the doctors, but I officially cleared the orange drink test! With having PCOS I am at greater risk of developing it, so to know I am cleared is fantastic!
-I have now gained 18 pounds during this pregnancy which my doctor said is right on track.
-My thyroid level is stable 
-My baby girl is 2.9 pounds and from here on out should gain another 3-4 pounds! I like the sound of a 6 pound baby!!
-Our baby girl flipped to head down since the ultrasound.  My doctor said she might flip back upright, but it is unlikely at this point.
-Our baby's heart is great and everything checks out normal!
-No stretch marks as of yet
-My feet swelling is normal. But she told me to do just as my sister in law Traci told me and elevate every night for an hour! Thanks Traci!
-My cervix is now 4 cm long instead of 5. I am happy because maybe it will keep getting shorter fast and I have my baby a bit early!
-The doctor tried to get my little girls heart beat but she kept moving and kicking SO much! The doctor got the heartbeat for a brief moment and it is at 143 bpm.  Sometimes I feel like she is dancing in there or something.

-And best of all, the doctor said that our little girl was the cutest thing she's seen :) I bet she says that to all expecting mothers, but I wasn't going to hate on her! lol


  1. Glad everything looks great!! Can't wait to meet this little sweetheart!!! <3 Do you have an idea when you might do the blessing?

    1. Some time when you can come!!!!! Ill wait for you! Give me dates that work!