Tuesday, 7 August 2012

9 weeks and counting!

31 Weeks!

I feel great! 

I am learning ways to fix certain symptoms I have been having.  
-My wrists and joints hurt at night some times. I have been putting a heating pad on my wrists at night and it seems to be making a difference.
-heartburn... hmm. I think I might have to try some TUMS. lol Last night Jason made a great Korean meal called Bokumbop. It was so delicious and I am uber proud of his  culinary skills, but oh. my. gosh. it was SOOOOO hot!!!  I think I had heartburn for 5 hours!! I told Jason he is going to have to make it again, but AFTER I have this baby. lol  
-At church, I do a lot of standing at the back.  Sitting now is so uncomfortable on my ribs, but I have been able to manage it will with frequent standing trips to the back of the room. lol.

This past week was very eventful! Jason has been starting work at 9 lately because of the Vivint Cup. I have made lots of outings to spray parks and pools with the other wives and LOVE being outside. 
While at the pool on Saturday, the wives and I spotted a VERY pregnant lady (most of us are pregnant so to spot other pregnant ladies is super easy. lol). She was sitting on the grass and got up, and all of the sudden SO MUCH FLUID was coming out of her. I thought she was peeing her pants, but nope, HER WATER BROKE! haha. Who would have thought I'd witness something like that! We all cheered her on as she left the pool. :)
On Sunday, Jason and I went to Tanner and Deedee's church for the blessing of their baby boy. We then went over to Tanners parents place for lunch. Love that family! After lunch we raced home to have the missionaries over for dinner. Jason and I also picked up our baby car seat that we bought off Kijiji. And if you thought our day was over, nope, I also cut Jason's curly locks!
 Can I say pooped!
I have also been working on crocheting a baby cocoon, but it's not really a cocoon... I don't really know what to call it, but it is cute! Mine is cream coloured.

The purple baby blanket is almost finished! I think I will do another 3 or 4 inches!! It has been a long time coming so I am glad it is almost completed.

Sorry for the long post, but there was just so much going on from last week.


  1. Wait - you bought a car seat off kijiji??

  2. yup. And I love it! Cleaned it up and now people ask me how much I got it for new. :) (my friend told me it was illegal to sell car seats used now, but I didnt know that until after. lol I phoned the manufacturer and mine is still good till 2016!

  3. Yes, that's what I was worried about. It's not a good idea to buy these things used - the one item that should be brand new! But that's good that you called the manufacturer. Did you also ask the previous owner about any accidents? After a car seat is in any type of car accident (even just a fender bender) they need to be replaced. Just an fyi. :)

    1. Yeah, I asked about accidents and there was none. She only used it for a month because she had twins and she needed to get skinnier carseats so that two could fit in the back better. So it was practically brand new. :) ps LOVED your Alaska pictures. Jason and I are so glad you guys had a good time!