Monday, 13 August 2012

32 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

Oh my heck... I was sooo sick last week!  I am still trying to shake it off, but I am doing MUCH better.
Nothing too fun to talk about from last week as I was pretty much in bed the whole time. lol

ps. I have been sick, no judging this week on how I look. lol

I did however have a doctors appointment, and with being sick lost a couple pounds. I was surprised because usually, I gain a couple, prepping myself for the gain every time I step on the scale lol (which is slightly depressing when one exercises 6 times a week...but understandable being pregnant and all!)

Still same symptoms as last week:
A little heart burn
Sore ribs... she is definitely creeping up into my ribs. OUCH!
Achy joints and lower ABS


Jason has been working early for the past two weeks and this coming week since he and his team are in the home stretch of the Vivint Cup! The guys work super long hours and it is trying on the body and mind. But Jason and his team are doing so good! Up for grabs in prizes are things like a Caribbean cruise, snow boards, etc. (I would be up for a cruise in a couple months!)
I have not seen much of Jason during CUP time since he leaves at 8am and is home around 11:30pm, but he does a great job of loving me and our baby when he comes home and in the morning :) The other night Jason and I were lying on the bed and he came over and started talking to my stomach, rubbing it and conversing to our little girl inside of me. He would talk to her and then press his head on my stomach to wait for a reply. Well he got it, a whopping round house kick to the head from the inside of my stomach! lol I guess our baby already knows how much of a tease her dad can be! On a daily basis I am in awe of how loving and caring Jason is. How did I get so lucky?!
Yesterday was LOVELY! Sunday's are like Christmas to us in the summer! We went for a picnic with some of the other couples on the team, and enjoyed EVERY moment we had together! We discussed our trip we are going to take to the cabin in September and all the fun new baby stuff heading our way(setting up the nursery, buying clothes, planning our daily schedules with a new addition etc.)
OOOO... and this week is SHARK WEEK on discovery channel! 

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  1. Hope this week you are feeling better day by day. I am pleased to read that you have lots of friends to spend time with during the day - and sounds like plenty are your age and expecting as well. Nice to have company to pass the time while Jason is working. Keep well, don't worry about weight gain - tis to be expected these last weeks. I know Carol Nishimura and I were pregnant at the same time, saw the same doctor and would meet in his office for our check ups - and we teased that we took the lint out of our navels before weigh ins just to make sure we weighed as little as could be. Enjoy these last weeks - they will go by quickly with preparations and summer ending. Enjoy your time away in September. Hope to see you before you head away south. Love, Sheelagh