Wednesday, 5 September 2012

35 Weeks/3 Years of absolute bliss!

35 Weeks!

Ah! I just have the month of September to go and then BAM, she is here!
Since we are at the cabin this week I don't have a TRUE pregnancy photo, but some pictures with me in them. lol  Week 36 will resume the regular pregnancy pictures!

 S'more roasting at the Oler's cabin

Sleeping on my own bed has been glorious! Pregnancy is now that much easier.  Jason and I set up a few baby things practically the minute we came through the door. We are so excited to be parents, we could hardly wait a day to get somethings put together. :)Saturday night we went over to Jason's parents house and had a good time chatting with his parents and Kev and Bre. Breanne and I also went through baby clothes that mom got for us from a garage sale. It was like Christmas! I think Jason and I are pretty well set for this girl to come. On Monday we are going to go over to Grandma Bullocks and pick up the rocking chair she has for us!
This last week has been crazy with moving back to Lethbridge, but we are now at Echo Lake enjoying every moment of holidaying! 


We came to the cabin Sunday after church in our home ward. It was so nice to see everyone! Sunday night we enjoyed some time with our friends Lee and Judy Oler and Brittney and Lee Atwood at the cabin. The Olers invited us over for a s'mores roasting. It was great spending time with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather down here.

I know I don't look Very happy in this picture, but Jason caught me off guard! lol

On Monday we went back to the Olers' cabin in Blackies Bay and enjoyed a day of fun in the sun! 

We LOVE little Blaise! Ps. Thanks Lee for the awesome candid picture of me! lol

 We went paddle (SUP) boarding. It was Jason's first time on one.  

Then the Murray's picked all of us up for a lesson or two on wake surfing. 
Blaise didn't love her life jacket. lol

It was another first for Jason and he was a pro! He got up, pulled himself closer to the boat, let go of the rope and surfed for a long time- all on his first try! 

I called this his little cocoon!
Jason got burnt on Monday... like really burnt, so Tuesday and Wednesday he wore a shirt to cover up down at the lake. This is his favourite spot! He enjoyed reading in the hammock and basking in the gorgeous 27'C weather!! 

The water was glass and really warm!

Today is Jason and my 3rd Anniversary! 3 Years!!! Crazy how fast time goes by. It has been the best 3 years of my life! We have been so happy together and now blessed to have a little baby to raise in only one month. Our lives are changing so much, but we are thrilled for the blessing to raise a daughter.
We are finally celebrating an anniversary together! Every other year, Jason has been doing post season for Vivint and is gone on our anniversary. This year, I get him ALL to myself at the cabin! What a better way to celebrate true happiness than at the cabin!! lol
Jason is truly my best friend. He makes me so happy and I love being married to a man that makes me want to be better everyday. I am one lucky woman!

Happy Anniversary LOVE! 


  1. Haha I wish it was 'Oler's cabin'!
    Good times! Happy anniversary

  2. Happy Aniversary!!! We are so excited for you guys. You will be great parents. Glad to see you had fun at the cabin. I LOVE Echo! :)

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