Monday, 27 August 2012

34 Weeks!

34 Weeks!!

Holy Moley! This summer just flew on by! It is so bitter sweet. I am excited to be going home, but Edmonton has been so good to us and we are going to miss it!
This week is going to be so busy. We leave Friday and I have lots of packing and cleaning to do before then. Jason's sister is also moving into her new house this week so we will be helping out with that as well.  We are thrilled for them! 
I did happen to finish my baby's blanket though! I'll post pictures when I have more time! lol I am also half way through my baby wrap...I need to find some cute wooden buttons! After I get back from the cabin, I'll post all the crafting I've been doing!

I feel pretty good at 34 weeks. 
-My skin feels like it is stretching... ok, obviously it is stretching, but it feels weird and sometimes itchy!
-My vision is a little more blurred, but my doctor said that is to be expected with the hormones and fluid.
-I feel like my balance is off... more than usual.

-Sleeping is getting more difficult with my legs and wrists being so achy and restless?! Wintergreen oil, and Jason's AMAZING foot rubs every night (yep, Jason is pretty much the best) take care of it pretty well!
-Jason and I are pretty sure on our baby girls name!
-Our little girl kicks and moves like crazy!!! Jason is better able to feel her movements now. She loves her daddy and moves tons more when Jason is around. She especially moves when Jason talks to her through my stomach... Adorable!


  1. Gahhhhhh!!! I wanna know the name!!!!!

    And super cute dress! I love it. Perfect for summer and it looks great on you!

    Not much longer....!

    1. Thanks Marci! It IS nice and breezy, perfect for our 29' weather today!
      I miss your guts!