Wednesday, 10 October 2012

15-40+ Weeks

15 weeks to 40+ weeks!

So I just got back from my doctors appointment and she said my baby wants to stay in there until high school! She said I just have so much room inside me there is no pressure (literally) to come out. Hence my induction date of Sunday, October 14. She did however try and strip my membranes today, but I have such a long cervix she couldn't quite get in there... but she did cause much discomfort and bleeding in the process. Hopefully that agitates it enough to get things moving. Oooo. Other than paint the baby's room is finished. I will be blogging pictures of her room before the end of the week

15 Weeks 

16 Weeks

17 Weeks

18 Weeks

19 weeks

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

22 weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

36 Weeks

37 Weeks

38 Weeks

39 Weeks

40 Weeks... 3 days!

All I can say is, wow! How did I think I looked chunky the day I took my 15 week picture?! lol Can't wait to get back to that 18 pound lighter girl. :)

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