Tuesday, 2 October 2012

39 Weeks

One Week! One Week! One Week! One Week! One Week!

I can't believe I am saying it, but I only have ONE week left!
Time is flying by so fast
I though the last couple weeks would drag on..and did for a couple days, but since I figured out how to get rid of my restless, achy legs, pregnancy has been back to being easy.

For those that want to know the secret:
I used to get pains in my legs, some just annoying where I need to move my legs at all times. Some where I felt I was 12 again with growing pains. But really painful and Tylenol and icy hot don't work. Most nights it was so bad that I would only get an hour or so of sleep!! Every night before bed now, I take a bath (I have never been a bath person, but it is the only thing that works). I soak for at least 20 minutes keeping my legs in the water and then as soon as I am out, I wrap my legs in a towel and go to sleep for the night. It has been a miracle! I have not had pains or woken up at night for 3 days now, and it feels amazing!
Jason and I are still going for walks every night to try and get this baby out. I have also tried doing squats multiple times a day, pumping (brings on strong contractions), putting baby King on the prayer roll at the temple lol, eating lots of pineapple, loving Jason ;) and even scrubbed both tubs!- No baby :( Mom King is baking me her pumpkin pie today- it has been really effective in getting babies out!! It has worked for countless stubborn grandchildren that just want to stay in their moms forever! Can't wait to eat it- hopefully I have such luck! For a couple weeks now before bed, Jason has been talking through my stomach to the baby telling her to come out. "Baby, this is your father speaking. It is time for you to come out now!" etc. lol

Symptoms for this week:
-I had cramping yesterday that was pretty consistent, had to time them for a while and they were 7 minutes apart, but then they stopped. :( I get hard core cramps mostly when I am standing and walking. Once I sit down they are not as painful.
-The last couple days I have been having lower back pain.
-Pains that run from my lower abs all the way down my legs.
-For two days now, I have felt nauseous. At church on Sunday I felt so nauseous and dizzy I thought I was going to pass out!
-And tremendous heaviness and achiness in my pelvis...I feel like she is going to fall out!


  1. she is for sure on her way. funny that you have the contractions when moving, thats usually when they stop. hopeing she makes her arrival soon! good luck!