Wednesday, 19 June 2013

8 Months


I swear I just had Autumn not a month ago. How does 8 months fly past me like that?!
Autumn is such a joy and gets more fun and more crazy everyday!

Autumn updates:

-Just got her 6 month shots 3 weeks ago and was a champ! Daddy is so good with her and the 6 month shots are not half bad. Only one poke.
-She weighs 15lbs 2oz (18th %ile)
-26 inches long (45th %ile)

-Head circumference 16 inches (20th %ile)
-makes this awesome sound like she is blowing through a trumpet. Uncle Kevin says I gave birth to a motor boat! lol
-wears 3-6 month clothes
-size 3 diapers
-1 front right tooth (31) and cut her second right beside it on Fathers Day! (41)

-loves her baby mum mums (cracker)
-loves peas,pears,carrots,sweet potatoes,butternut squash,prunes,oranges,watermelon... and of course her oatmeal cereal!

-she eats 2tbsp of oatmeal cereal and half a little jar of some veggie every meal. She has become quiet the eater!
-She eats whole cucumbers... alright, it's more like sucking the insides out, but she LOVES them!
-army crawls EVERYWHERE and gets into EVERYTHING!-
-says mum mum, da da and ba ba really well :)

-smiley little sucker!
-loves swimming
-her jolly jumper has lost its usefulness... she likes getting to places and it holds her back. Sad. I won't have my jumping bean for very much longer. 

As for other news, Fathers day was a HIT! Autumn made Jason the cutest little clay sign that had her hand prints in them and says "Worlds best dad, HANDS DOWN!" in it. It turned out quiet adorable! Jason also received a hand decorated tie from Autumn. She touched the tie and I would glue a decoration of her choice on there. Jason wore it proudly to church!

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