Saturday, 20 July 2013

9 months

Autumn is now 9 months old!

Autumn update:
-Still just has 2  bottom teeth
-sits up on her own and just a couple days ago I got her from her nap and she was sitting up ready to get out. When did she grow up?
-size 3 diapers
-3-6 month clothes
-so I thought I would loose my little jumping bean once we put the jolly jumper away, but Autumn likes to jump even without it! I stabilize her and she jumps like crazy!

-likes to walk with assistance everywhere. She is really stable too.

-enjoys brushing her teeth-after mommy brushes them first ;)

-does laundry with mom and she is soooo helpful-insert sarcasm!

-her first Canada day was awesome!

-crawls around like crazy
-probably 16lbs by now since last month she was 15lbs 2oz

-her giggle is contagious! She does this cheezer of a grin with really shows off her bottom teeth! lol

-she is the happiest baby in the world

-loves to eat whole fruits and veggies-especially gnawing down on a strawberry and getting the juices EVERYWHERE!

-is a social bug! As soon as she is done napping she is right by our door wanting out. She goes to Auntie Liz's first and scratches on her door until she opens up! Love that kid!

-Her hair is getting SUPER long and goes curly when wet! I hope that is a sign that she is going to get her daddy's gorgeous locks!

-has 2-3 bottles a day (morning, bedtime and nap times)and eats 4 meals throughout the day with snacks

-she pinches things with her index and thumb really well

-loves playing the "drums" (pots and pans)

-enjoys the spray park and going for walks with momma

 -she likes to eat in style! lol

 -Autumn can't wait for bath time every day. When she hears the water running she gets uber excited!

 -Autumn has figured out how to open drawers... not truly loving that! lol

 -Fun when daddy dresses her for the day! Daddy thought he was funny for putting the hood up. Autumn couldn't stop laughing! lol

 -had her first official boo-boo yesterday. She was playing out in the hall and I think she was trying to get herself up on a ball and it came out from under her. :( Smacked her head on the edge of the door.

 -Whenever Autumn sees a guy in an orange shirt she says, "da da." I find it incredibly adorable!

 -She has her moments! lol

 -Autumn has a boyfriend. His name is Ryder. He always wants to give her hugs and kisses... can't blame the kid!


 As the Jason and I, we are doing real well. The summer has been really successful and so much fun. We get to see family lots (some are in the city) and lots of friends!

My parents came up this week and I had a ton of fun shopping and catching up with them.

2 Sundays ago, we went to Sylvan lake to visit Jason's parents who were at a Scout function volunteering. It was nice to spend the day together and walk around the camp. Steven, Jason's nephew was there as well. I have missed all of them so much.

The summer is already almost over and I am sad to leave this great group of girls. We have had so much fun and next summer can't come soon enough.

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