Thursday, 15 August 2013

10 months baby!

My sweet Audy is 10 months old now...
She has officially been out of me longer than in me. Crazy to think how much she has learned and grown in 10 short months!

on our apartment door this summer!

Her updates:

 -One of her friends Jane(7 months). They have matching outfits!

 -Selfies while getting ready!

-Has a ton of hair now and it is starting to curl! yay for her daddy's hair!

-has a contagious smile!

-still only 2 bottom teeth

-says da da, ma ma, la la, na na
-pounds it!

-now stands in her play pen after naps

-army crawls everywhere, but has been getting around doing the bear crawl as of late

-got a new toy and adores it. Her Leopard. And it was my cousin Matt's birthday a couple days ago. I tried to do a few videos to wish him a happy birthday... it didn't turn out so well. WAY too distracted!

-walks along the couch, wall, highchair, bed, dresser handles...anything she can reach really! She also crawls up the sliding back door to look outside

-now stands up in the tub constantly. Can't keep the kid in the water anymore! lol
-Loves swimming and being outside the best!

-eats everything Jason and I do now (besides really hard things like chips etc. The poor girl only has two teeth but does remarkably well with them)

-noodles (stroganoff, kraft dinner), peaches, cheese buns, Cherrios, Ritz crackers green beans are some of her favourite (3 meals a day with snacks. 3-4 bottles a day-morning, nap time and bed) Doesn't LOVE eating though. Would rather be playing.
-so smiley and always happy!

-size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night (for sheer liquid volume... size 3 at night doesn't cut it anymore)

-Mostly 3-6 month clothes. dabbling into some 6-9 months

-weighed her and she is 16.5lbs (10th %ile) now. Growing like a weed!

-sleeps 12 hours straight at night usually 7pm-7:30am...and as of late has been doing 14-15 hours (7:00pm-9:30/10:00am) and this momma is loving it! It means she doesn't have her morning nap because she sleeps through it, but I am loving the extra sleep!-I know you are thinking, "Don't be ridiculous Britt, you get tons of sleep with her sleeping so long." But I wait up for Jason to get home every night and stay up till midnight thirty most nights before I head to bed. Soooo this sleeping in thing is great! 

-Plays peak-a-boo!

-She LOVES her best friend Blaise Oler! Blaise is 2 and is infatuated with Autumn and vic a versa! Whenever they see each other they get so excited and run to each other...ok, Blaise runs, Autumn crawls!

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