Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Bliss

Yesterday was Tiffany's last day here in Calgary with me.
We have had such a fantastic summer together. Jason and I had at least 2-3 dates a week (we are going to MAJORLY be missing this), I have learned so much as a mom through Tiffany (she is a natural), laughed till we cried, created more inside jokes (#ibelieveinjason), and made the most of every moment. 
Here is a picture recap of our summer! 

This girl is going to miss her Auntie Tiffy so much! Jade has become her sister more than her cousin.  (in the 4 hours of being up today,  Autumn has asked for "Jeed" at least a dozen times...)

Loved each other from the start <3

Autumn hated the drive thru car wash. She needed her Auntie Tiffy beside her.

Books, cuddles and Jade

Her side eye look is my absolute fave and a definite Jade trademark

Making messes at Auntie Tiffs

Getting visits from Aunt Sandy and having an epic girls shopping trip!

Destroying Tiffany in Settlers... 

AND trains.... as always.

Making smoothies on the porch to keep children sleeping

Poor Jade had to endure hundreds of kisses from Autumn

It was Jade... haha

Stampede visiting

Running in the green grass

More kisses

Geese are scary

Auntie Tiff picked out this back pack for Autumn. She rarely leaves the house without it. 

Many a temper tantrums

These girls loved picking flowers and blowing the 
dandelion fluff

Frozen much?

A trip down to grandma and grandpas! Pool time, grandparent rules, cousin and more cousins!

I  got at least 50 texts from Tiffany asking for recipes... some recipes multiple times claiming she lost them. This I will not miss ;)

The Calgary zoo! The penguin area is amazing and the girls couldn't get enough!

Cousin "Shannon" Love.

Service projects

Silly nights waiting for our men

I'm going to miss that face

A lot of park time

Tiffany did Autumns hair a lot! She became a pro and said it was so easy because Autumn loved getting it done. 

Canada Day festivities...or the lack thereof

She is way cuter than the propane tank

Spray Park fun!

Calaway Park with grandparents

Tiffany's second love only next to Alex

Little twins!

Many a days on the porch 

Creating amazing parties

When Frozen is on, life is easy. haha

Going to "How to Train your Dragon" with these two was a blast! They each brought their dragons and sat really well the whole time.

Seeing this everyday is probably the hardest thing about them moving away. I understand that I will see them again, but Autumn gave Jade her last hug of the summer not realizing it was the last for a very long time.

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