Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jason's 26th Birthday!

Happy 26th Birthday LOVE!

I have been planning Jason's birthday for quite some time now.  Having birthday's during the summer work season isn't always the most ideal because of the long work hours.  I always pray every year our birthdays will fall on a Sunday because that is Jason's only day off. When his birthday is on a Sunday I can spoil him all day instead of trying to cram all my love and birthday surprises in a couple hours when he gets home from work. lol 

Jason loves white chocolate and vanilla anything, and doesn't really care for chocolate cake. So I made him a confetti cake this year... he loved it!

Jasons birthday fell on a Monday this year. I woke him up with breakfast in bed and then prepped all day to make Jasons evening fantastic!

Jason is incredibly easy to please. He wanted beef stew for his birthday meal with squishy buns! lol (that's what we call those Safeway homestyle buns that are uber soft and squishy)

 I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said everything I make is delicious and he would be happy with anything. Sweet right!
 I decided to give him 2 choices, homemade Chicken Fettucine Alfredo or beef stew (thinking it was a no brainer and planning being in the kitchen all day making Fettucine). Nope, Jason perks up and says "Ooo, I have not had your famous beef stew in a while" (my famous beef stew consists of throwing all the left overs in from roast beef, potatoes and gravy from our Sunday meal into the crockpot... so hard right!?)

I went to the store and got Jason "Sherlock Holmes" for his birthday present. I dressed the table with all of Jasons favourite snacks and prepared for dinner and a movie on the pull-out bed. Mom King, I was planning on having that delicious white chocolate bunny on the menu for one of the snacks but Jason had that down in the morning.  lol So I opted for the next best thing- white chocolate Hershey's Cookies and Cream.

You would be impressed by my technology skills... I, yes I got the digital copy hooked up on my laptop and then connected it to our Apple TV because we don't have a DVD player here in this apartment.  Some might think that is an easy feat, but for me, it took some serious skills that I didn't think I had...And needless to say Jason was thoroughly impressed.

Jason got home around 11PM last night so I had to get his birthday celebrations rollin fast! He opened his presents from his family and I. Jason's parents got him a weed wacker!! Sweet! I was thrilled with his gift and was happy that I was married to him so I could use it! My parents sent Jason movie tickets for the Cineplex. They know that a good way to relax during the summer is going to a great movie on a Saturday night-and yet again, love the present because I get to go as his date!!

I sang happy birthday to him in the famous Hill tradition which makes dogs howl. lol It was sad not to have some wicked awful harmony going on since it was just me singing, but I think I nailed it anyhow! haha.

We chowed down on stew, cake and snacked on all the goodies while watching Sherlock Holmes and cuddling on the pull out. Jason also got his feet and back rubbed. What a spoiled boy! 

When we woke up this morning Jason leaned over and kissed me. He told me that his birthday yesterday was the best birthday he has ever had! 
Mission accomplished!


  1. Way to go, Britt!! Sounds like it went off without a hitch!

    1. I was super surprised how smooth it went. I was a little worried with him coming home so late, but it all panned out! How are you doing?! Jason and I miss you guys so much. We will have to pay you a visit after the baby comes!!