Monday, 2 July 2012

26 Weeks!

26 weeks!

My baby girl moves around so much at 26 weeks!

You can tell!
 I swear today she is lying head to my spine and feet out! I feel so huge! Last week I still felt pretty flat...NOT now! lol

Look at that bump
Man I carry low though eh?! I look like I have a ponch! haha. Oh well I think it will be good later on, I'll have more room for her to grow!

I also have discovered something... it's called the pull out bed! So on Jason's birthday last Monday we fell asleep on the pull out bed and I had what felt like the best sleep of my life! I was even... believe it... 
Jason and I now sleep on the pull out bed EVERY night! It may only be a double, but I am in love with it! 

There are 3 things that sleeping on the pull out bed has eliminated.
1. I don't get charly horses anymore! I think the actual bed was too soft and giving me pressure points. 
2. I don't bloat anymore! I can fit my rings on straight way in the morning. Before I would have to wait till the swelling went down! NO cankles, and no puffiness.
3. Last but not least, I am not sleeping with icepacks at night and sometimes I even get cold! I think the other bed's memory foam absorbed all the heat and made it a little heat pack every night. The pull out is just a mattress and stays cool at night
I have my doctors appt. tomorrow and I can't wait to hear her little heartbeat. It never gets old!



  1. Yay I can finally see it! I carried low too. I'm so excited for you.