Monday, 2 July 2012


Yesterday was Canada's Day! 

It is tradition for Jason and I to go to watch the fireworks at night. This year our little baby girl joined us... well in the womb at least. But she enjoyed them! On some of the bigger, louder fireworks she jumped
It was a gorgeous night with no wind, rain or mosquitoes- I have not seen ANY mosquitoes here in Edmonton this summer for that matter!
We went to the stadium this year to watch the light show. It was still so light outside at 11PM... yep this picture was taken at 11 o'clock at night. lol

The moon was brilliant too! It almost looks like the moon is the sun!

We sang O Canada and then when it got a bit darker, the show began!
Edmonton had the biggest firework show in all of Western Canada this year and I tell you, they were magnificent!

Gorgeous Right!

Jason and I after the firework show! 
Yay for traditions!

  Jasons sister, Kristi met us at the stadium to enjoy the show. It was so fun to get together  with her! She makes us laugh!

Happy July 1st!

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