Monday, 9 July 2012

27 weeks!

27 weeks!

Holy Hannah it is soooo HOT here in Edmonton!

I am having so much fun this summer! I couldn't think of better girls to hang out with and better place to be for this pregnancy. I get to relax, keep my feet up and enjoy every moment of being pregnant. Jason is such a hard worker and is doing such an amazing job supporting our little family.
I am WAY too spoiled!

At 27 weeks I am: 
-feeling the growing pains more and more
-I have gained 15 pounds and 4 inches in my belly
-no stretch marks...yet
-pampered by Jason practically everyday with foot rubs and back rubs (Which in my mind is the reason I have had no back and feet pain thus far in my pregnancy!)
We had a joint BBQ yesterday and it was fabulous! It was so great to see everyone and enjoy the beautiful Sunday afternoon.
I get to go for a second ultrasound next week Friday! It is just to do a double check on her heart. I am so excited to see my little sweetie feels like it has been so long since the last time i've got to see her.
Next Wednesday I go for my glucose screen test. I used to be really nervous about this test since having PCOS increases your chances of gestational diabetes. But every doctors appointment I go to they test me and I don't have it. So for the formal test next week, I feel a bit better knowing I've been diabetes free thus far.

Yay for summer!

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  1. but I am also very happy you are here in our city, I'm glad you're enjoying it even if it does mean you sit with your feet up all the time! :)