Monday, 16 July 2012


28 Weeks!

I can't believe that I am in my Third Trimester! I thought today would never come! It is crazy that in a few short weeks I will be counting DOWN my pregnancy in single digits!

At 28 weeks:
-I have had a ton of Braxton Hicks
-The charlie horses have come back to haunt me in full swing! They are so painful...(I guess I should learn to tolerate pain as I will be in the worst pain of my life in 2 and a half months! lol.)
-I have not had as many migraines lately
-Our baby girl moves soo much now and her kicks are uber painful on my bladder... yes she hasn't flipped just yet (still breach).
-I think my joints are starting to loosen... I feel achy sometimes (but then Jason just massages them away...hmm. Maybe I should be "ACHY" more often lol).
-I asked Jason just now what symptoms I have had this past week, and he said I have been more nurturing and loving. lol  Mind you, he has been sick... and he NEVER gets sick, so I had to pamper him. :)

I have a VERY eventful week:
-Wednesday, I go for my glucose test and blood work
-Friday, I go with Jason to my ultrasound (and of course there will be pictures to follow shortly after!) I can't wait to see our baby! I wonder how much she has changed!!
-Also on Friday, my parents are coming up for the weekend!! What a nice little treat! We haven't seen them very much this summer so it is nice that they thought to come visit us! Jason and I are spoiled!

I think I have the cutest little bump to celebrate this final haul! October 8th is just a hop, skip and a jump away. I mean, I have only a month and a half left in this summer. Then September will be SOOO busy with getting all our baby's things in order...and then she is here!

In September, Jason and I plan on taking a quick babymoon to my family's cabin down at Echo Lake Montana. It will be a nice hurrah to end Jason's work this summer.  He has been so dedicated and has worked so hard... my man DESERVES this little vacay! Jason says it will be nice to have some time to spend with each other before our beautiful addition comes to bless our home.

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  1. YES - take a getaway! You both deserve it!!
    Lookin' cute! Love ya.