Friday, 20 July 2012

Second Ultrasound!


So today, Jason and I went to our second ultrasound appointment. I was so excited to see our little girl again... I mean goodness, it has been 10 weeks since the last time. ;)
We had a student ultrasound tech named Kevin do the first scan. Then his teacher came in to look at his pictures and then we got a whole new scan from an actual ultrasound tech.  It was a long appointment but it was extra time to watch our girl move.

Updates on our baby girl:

-She measures in at 28 weeks 2 days, so not too far off as I am 28 weeks 5 days.
-She weighs 2.9 pounds and is in the 50th percentile for weight. I'm glad she is growing well and is not too big and not too small... JUST right!
-The bright spot is still on her heart but since everything checked out, they now consider it a soft indicator which is deemed normal. :) Yay for a healthy baby!
-She hasn't completely flipped to head down. She is transverse right now and loves it there. At the start of my appointment her head was on my right side and by the end her head was on my left! What an active little girl we have on our hands!
-My placenta is still anterior and hopefully will stay there!
-Jason and I got to watch her move around like crazy and even open her little mouth to drink the amniotic fluid. Jason said she looked like a fish opening and closing her mouth. lol

I think it is so neat that you can see her brain growth now!

What an adorable little girl! 

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  1. Your placenta won't be moving, as it's attached to your uterus until birth, so don't worry about that. Yay for everything!! I'm excited and love how excited YOU ARE!